Michael Giovanetti

Father, husband and exercise enthusiast, Michael Giovanetti is someone who has found enjoyment in saying yes to things that allow him to grow healthier. • His advice? When someone asks you to try something new you have to say yes! • Studies have indicated that when we say yes, we do more, create more, live […]

Jill Steele

Local elementary principal, Jill Steele leads her students in a school wide walking program each morning. • Her advice? “Start your day with a morning walk.” • Research indicates that walking with a group can boost your mood.

Healthy Harrison Workplace Wellness Program Special Thanks to all of our Beta Test Sponsors, Donors and Coaches: West Virginia University, United Hospital Center, Good Measures, Bridgeport United Methodist Church, Dr. Kelly Nelson, Glenn Weber, Ruth Beattie, Caroline Arnold, Dr. Dan Kimble, Cathy Shaw, Alex Tylka and Whitney Lambert. We would also like to thank Mayor […]

“Always be Thankful”

Dr. Elizabeth Hess believes that the key to happiness is being grateful for the things that you have. • Her advice? “Always be thankful.” • Science indicates, that a mindful state of gratitude is linked with physical wellness.

“Wake Up Early”

Mother of a 3.5 year old, Leesa Jackson often finds herself juggling many roles and responsibilities. In order to keep a healthy perspective, she wakes up one hour earlier. • Her advice?  “Make sure to set aside time for yourself in the mornings so that you can prepare for the day.” • A psychological study found […]

“Hang Out With Your Friends”

In order to stay connected, AJ Hammond meets with at least one of his friends every week. • His advice? “Make sure to check in with your friends regularly.” • Research shows that friends can influence health-related behaviors through peer pressure that values healthy eating, exercise, taking prescriptions and going to doctor’s appointments.

Nate Critchfield

Healthy Harrison is a coalition with a vision to measurably improve the health and wellness of the citizens in Harrison County. By highlighting our local Heroes, we hope to motivate, educate and inspire the community to live a longer and healthier life. • What will your Healthy Harrison story be?

“Don’t Give Up”

After a Guillian-Barre Syndrome Diagnosis left her without feeling in her legs, high school senior Sydney Rockwell has been working each day to build her strength up. Her advice? • “Never take the ability to walk for granted and keep pushing forward when life throws you curve balls. Never give up. • Much research in psychology shows that that […]