Healthy Harrison defines a Hero as one who is a “champion for health”.

Each person is on their own path to wellness; however, everyone shares a goal of living a longer and healthier life.

Healthy Harrison is a coalition with a vision to measurably improve the health and wellness of the citizens in Harrison County. By highlighting our local Heroes, we hope to motivate, educate and inspire the community to begin taking micro-steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our heroes are categorized around the five Healthy Harrison Pillars. These pillars are:

Move – Healthy people embrace physical activity – the misperception is that it needs to be vigorous. Done well, movement is proven to add 7-10 years of life expectancy.

Mind – This encompasses the ability to downshift and enjoy the fruits that life has to offer. This is a broad area that can cover faith, hope, meditation, gratitude, optimism, etc. Many health experts think this may be the most important pillar.

Eat – Healthy people eat plant-based foods, don’t overindulge, and avoid too much sugar – just to mention a few areas of a nutritious diet.

Connect – The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become. Association with other healthy people is usually the strongest and most direct path of change for people who want improved health.

Purpose – We all need a reason to get up in the morning. Happy, healthy humans know their purpose.

Please feel free to connect with these heroes for additional advice on how you too can join the movement to make Harrison County the healthiest community in the country.

Meet Our Local Heroes