“Hang Out With Your Friends”

In order to stay connected, AJ Hammond meets with at least one of his friends every week. • His advice? “Make sure to check in with your friends regularly.” • Research shows that friends can influence health-related behaviors through peer pressure that values healthy eating, exercise, taking prescriptions and going to doctor’s appointments.

“Join a Local Organization”

After relocating from Nashville, Kim Drummond got involved with local revitalization through the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce and Cultural Foundation. • Her advice? “Find someone to admire in your community, and join their effort.” • Creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group provides a sense of security and trust.

“Walk With a Friend”

Business owner and Mayor Cathy Goings finds walking with a friend makes exercise easier to fit walking into her busy schedule. • Her advice? “Find a friend to walk with on the Mayor’s Fitness Trail.” • Social connection is crucial to well-being. Loneliness can have serious health consequences similar to high blood pressure, lack of […]

“Surround Yourself With a Strong Tribe”

After a back injury, personal trainer and business owner Melissa Robbins decided to focus on her own health and learned the importance of taking care of herself. • Her advice? “Strengthen your relationships and surround yourself with a strong tribe of friends and family.” • According to Mental Health America, friends can support you in […]