Michael Giovanetti

Father, husband and exercise enthusiast, Michael Giovanetti is someone who has found enjoyment in saying yes to things that allow him to grow healthier. • His advice? When someone asks you to try something new you have to say yes! • Studies have indicated that when we say yes, we do more, create more, live […]

“Wake Up Early”

Mother of a 3.5 year old, Leesa Jackson often finds herself juggling many roles and responsibilities. In order to keep a healthy perspective, she wakes up one hour earlier. • Her advice?  “Make sure to set aside time for yourself in the mornings so that you can prepare for the day.” • A psychological study found […]

“Get Plenty of Rest”

Blaine Berkley goes to bed when he is tired and wakes up when he is well rested. • His advice? “Get eight hours of sleep.” • Sleep experts have indicated that adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to function properly the next day.

“Pause Two Minutes for Quiet Time”

After having her first child, wife and community organizer Amanda Marks-Cunningham restored balance to her life by doing yoga three times a week. • Her advice? “Sit quietly and pause for two minutes of quiet time and clear your mind.” • Meditation reduces stress and depression, and improves performance and focus.